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I've commented on a few posts here, without making an intro post - so here goes:

My stats:

Wedding date: 3-10-07

Height: 5’2

HW: 150
CW: 138
ST GW: 130
LT GW: 120 – 125

I've actually been working at this for a few months now, since January. We got engaged in December - and while I'm definitely doing this for the long term health benefits, the coming wedding is a very excellent inspiration. Also, I bought a dress in the size I wore last time I weighed about 125 (I had pneumonia a few years back, then went through a series of moves and job changes - totally ruined my shape, got all depressed, and I've had a hard time getting going again) - if I want to wear it, I have to get in shape!
Diet: I cut out foods that have unbalanced sugars or saturated fats. Meaning, not balanced by an appropriate amount of protein. So I'm not doing Atkins, or any of the high-protein diets, just trying to stick with foods that are balanced between the carbs, fats, and protein. I'm also eating more frequently, in smaller portions. Overall, I've noticed that helps me eat less in one day.
I joined weight watchers online, for the guidance. I'm actually not following the point system closely ("more like guidelines") - but the recipes, the progress charts, the "core foods" list, it's all very helpful. Plus, I find that just going on the website and tooling around regularly keeps me focused on what I'm doing.
Exercise: I'm getting to the gym about three-four times a week. I'd love to go more, but I work 12 hours a day, five days a week - don't have much extra time. Anyway, I use the elliptical for 35 minutes, and I do weight training for another 30-45 minutes. I really want to have some muscle tone when I reach my goal weight. Especially on my arms and abs. Plus, the more muscle, the more calories you burn on a daily basis!
Thoughts: It's taken me about 3 1/2 months to drop 10 pounds. That feels rather slow to me - but then I remember that I've set a very loose diet plan. I eat good, whole foods - but I allow myself more treats than I maybe should if I want to loose this weight faster.
I recently read an article showing what stress does to metabolism and fat-storage. I mentioned how much I work - well, it's a very high-stress environment on top of the long hours. I think that also slows me down a bit, so I'm going to start finding time during my work day to step away and loose a little steam. Maybe just go sit outside 10 minutes every few hours? Something.
Oh, and my FH recently asked if I'd like to start roller blading with him on the weekends! I'm excited about this because he's been in need of more activity, and I love that he wants to be active together! He's been really supportive, has come to enjoy the whole foods I make, and I'm hoping he'll join me in loosing some inches.

Thanks again for this community. The ideas and the help and support are really great here. I hope this post wasn't too long and verbose!
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